Charrese L. Edwards

I started working with Jesse Meadors and his team in the spring of 2017 when we were building up our Security organization.  We hired about 25 people globally for the security org from May 2017 to March 2018 and I would not have been so successful with this ramp up without Jesse’s assistance; of those 25 hires, 18 were in the US and 3 of the key hires came from Jesse.  In addition to the hires we made from him, he sent us several candidates who improved our pipeline and gave the hiring team viable options to select from.  Tutela was also responsible for a difficult hire in IT and the two candidates who made it to the final round for that role came from them.


Jesse is a valuable partner, he listens, is responsive, works within the parameters I set with him, has a lot of integrity and a good sense of humour.  I was impressed enough to introduce him to other recruiters both within and outside of EA and the feedback has been positive.  I expect to continue this relationship and would definitely work with him again.