Frequently Asked Questions

<h1 class=”header-page-titel”>Frequently Asked Questions</h1>

Because growing a successful business begins with hiring exceptional talents. Tutela Talent offers a carefully selected pool of outstanding candidates that you can access in a quick and cost-effective way.

Oh yeah. The whole purpose of Tutela is to keep you anonymous because you’re “just browsing” and not actively searching for a job. We make sure none of your past employers get matched to you.

Ha! Not at all! First of all we keep everything anonymous (whereas looking for a job on LinkedIn makes you open to the public). Also, we only allow companies to make offers on you that match your set expectations, whereas on LinkedIn you’re getting spammed with irrelevant offers.

Nope! We’re here to help you browse the opportunities out there.

We don’t charge you money. And we never will. Instead we charge companies for the privilege of approaching top talent (aka YOU). They can only approach you when they can meet your set expectations, and we don’t let them spam you (that would be counter-productive to what we want).

We work with world-wide organizations, but we have the most presence in the USA.

The companies that use Tutela Talent know that “Top Talent” always has other opportunities. When “Top Talent” switches jobs, it’s not because they’re having a hard time finding a job, it’s because they’ve been offered something much better.

Tutela Talent Career Coaching

Our transition coaches will guide you to a more rewarding and fulfilling career.

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