What we do

Ever wondered if

You could be earning more?
You could relocate to a different city?
You could be working with the latest bleeding edge technologies?
You could find a company with a culture that fits you?
You could have a better work/life balance?

Then you'll find Tutela Talent incredibly helpful.

Let's show you what Tutela Talent can do

See which companies are willing to offer you the opportunities you want

Remember the last time you wanted to negotiate your salary?
You probably had no idea what you could really ask for.

Now imagine if you knew what other companies were offering you first.
Tutela Talent can show you exactly what other companies are willing to pay you, while you remain anonymous.

Find out what your chances of relocating to another city are.
Let’s say you’re a senior developer from Boston but you’d love to work in San Francisco for a gaming company.
We can match you up (and keep you completely anonymous) with companies in San Francisco that are willing to relocate you.
That way you can research if moving to San Francisco would be the right move.

Curious to see which companies will offer you a job in the next big technology?

Eddy graduated with a computer science degree and studied deep learning artificial intelligence as his passion.
He took a great job designing software for an insurance company, but he’d REALLY like to work on deep learning. He just doesn’t know if there’s anything out there for him.
With a few clicks on Tutela Talent, we can see which companies will offer him a deep learning position, all while staying completely anonymous.

In a nutshell…

Tutela Talent lets people find out how much they’re in demand in their specific field so they can make smarter decisions about their career.

Whether you want to know if you can get better compensation elsewhere, you’re dreaming of a relocation, or you want to work with new technologies, etc., Tutela Talent lets you see which companies will offer it to you.